Did you know that in Chinese, the word “gout” is spelled using the characters for wind and pain? Everyone is aware even the  slightest breeze can cause pain in gout sufferers, and finding relief from that pain requires targeting a few different elements.

Inflammation is a key part of what makes gout so painful, and traditional herbs like yucca and devil’s claw can be very effective in offering relief to this condition, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

Uric acid buildup in the joints can turn the slightest movements into complete agony. One natural remedy is black cherry concentrate, which has been shown to help suppress uric acid buildups when used daily.

The pain of gout has been with us for centuries, but a careful application of natural ingredients (found below) can easily help fight gout flare-ups and get sufferers back to their normal level of pain-free activity.

Black Cherry Concentrate

Once thought to be a homeopathic sleep aid, black cherry concentrate also naturally helps lower uric acid levels. It can assist in the natural suppression of uric acid buildup, preventing gout attacks.

Devil’s Claw

This fruit comes from a flowering plant of the sesame family, growing primarily in South Africa. Devil’s claw contains iridoid glycosides, a compound that has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects that are extremely helpful in relieving gout pain.


Grown in drier climates and related to the aloe or the cactus, yucca has often been used in traditional medicine. In modern times it’s taken the place of pain relievers like aspirin or drugs used for arthritis as it works naturally to reduce inflammation.